OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Mary Fallin delivered her eighth and final state of the state address on Monday. 

Monday's speech and the session to follow are being seen as the governor's chance to cement her legacy, but it is sure to be an uphill battle. 

The focus of this year's State of the State was the budget, and specifically an endorsement of the Step Up Oklahoma plan. Lawmakers have to find a way to fill a $425-million budget hole.

That money is a combined amount because when session starts Monday, the legislature will also still be in its second special session after they couldn't come to an agreement over the last nine months.

Fallin has said she hopes finding a way out of this massive budget hole and stabilizing state revenue will be her legacy something she nor the state has been able to do since her first state of the state in 2011. 

Normally, governors in their last year are considered "lame ducks" But the governor says that's not the case for her.

She told KGOU she thinks calling her a lame duck is wrong, saying there's a lot  to do in government and noted her time in office has been fun.

Toward the end of her speech, a protestor began shouting in the gallery and unraveled a banner showing the governor's face with the words "State of despair" written on it.