OKLAHOMA CITY - Neighbors in southwest Oklahoma City are on alert after they said several cars were broken into this week.

A resident caught suspicious activity on his surveillance cameras and reported it to the Oklahoma City Police Department. Kenneth Melton’s video footage shows someone walking up his driveway and grabbing the handle of the SUV's front passenger door.

“I mean, if you’re walking up trying a door on a vehicle,” Melton said, "you’re trying to get something out of it and it’s not yours."

Melton said he could see the person go for the vehicle at the neighbor’s across the street next. When investigators responded, they dusted Milton's door handle. But according to the police report, they weren't able to pull any latent prints. Milton learned there were other vehicles reportedly hit in the area through his neighborhood watch group. It's a place online where hundreds of residents keep each other informed.

Johnny Jones posted his truck was broken into that same night.

“Somebody had gotten into my vehicle and trashed through everything,” Jones told News 9.

Strangely enough, he said pocket change was all they took. But still, he hopes the person responsible is identified.

“If you do something like that,” Jones said, "you pay the price. They’ll catch you sooner or later.”

Anyone with information should contact Oklahoma City Crimestoppers (405) 235-7300.