OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma man is sponsoring 34 animal adoptions for his 34th birthday.

Alexis Peinado joined Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Friday for the event.

“I figured it'd be a good way to celebrate a little different than a traditional celebration,” Peinado said.

The Lawton man says he came up with the idea, and approached the shelter.

“It makes me happy just as much as it might make them happy, so it's still a gift to myself,” Peinado said.

For the city agency, this event is an unprecedented blessing.

“We've had other people sponsor adoptions before, just not to this extreme,” Lyne Huffman with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare said.

Giving 34 animals new homes allows for more dogs and cats to be rescued.

“The more that we can get out the more room we have to take the unwanted or abandoned ones in,” Huffman said.

For Peinado, who rescued his dog Hazel from the shelter, this is paying it forward.

“I got my dog here about nine years ago now, so it's kind of a passion of mine. I know how much joy she brings to my life. I just want to pass it on,” Peinado said.

Based on crowd Friday, one man’s birthday is the start of a new life for many furry friends.