OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma County jury found an Oklahoma City man guilty of first degree murder.

They recommended Adrian Escajeda, 37, do life in prison for what prosecutors called a "cold-blooded" murder.

The family of the victim, 21-year-old Ulises Lopez stood as the jury filed into the courtroom after two hours of deliberations.

The jury listened to two days of witness testimony including Escajeda's own words about how he killed his girlfriend's half-brother. Prosecutors described the murder as "cold-blooded" and said the victim was “tortured."

Escajeda testified he drove around Lopez's southwest Oklahoma City home several hours waiting for the vicitm’s family to leave. Once inside the home, prosecutors described a struggle, the victim tried to escape but couldn't.

Escajeda told the court he zip-tied Lopez's hands, wrapped his head in duct-tape and pulled a belt tightly around the victim's neck.

He claimed his girlfriend Della Nichols told him her half-brother molested her 6-year-old daughter. Escajeda said he killed the relative as revenge for the alleged sexual abuse.

The child testified in court that she was not sexually abused by her uncle and the allegation was made up. 

The couple took the girl and fled to Mexico days after the murder. They were captured and brought back to Oklahoma. They went to jail and the child was put in DHS custody.

After hearing the verdict, Escajeda left the courtroom with his head down, knowing he now faces life in prison. 

Prosecutors said they are pleased with the guilty verdict, but they are not finished with the case. Nichols is expected to go on trial in April for murder, child neglect and two drug charges.