The FBI alerted Congress they can't recover five months of texts between a top agent and his mistress, an FBI Attorney, both part of the Trump Russia investigation. Texts that have been released show they were angry when President Trump was elected.

Here’s Your 2 Cents:

Rachel in Stratford says, "Texts which conveniently start back up the day before Mueller's grand jury? Nope, nothing to see here...move along..."

John says, "...the Republican Party and Kelly are trying to get the investigation off track, so we want to look into these two people who were holding a conversation through text messages about their opinions…?"

Brett from Broken Arrow, "Personal opinions about someone do matter...most definitely when you're helping lead an investigation...and you work for the FBI…wow."

Paula in Shawnee, "This isn't a Republican Party issue. This is a BIG FBI issue covering up something."

Brian asks, "The ONLY texts missing from these phones just HAPPEN TO be during the time of the Trump transition until the day Mueller was appointed? Everything else survived?"

From Margaret, "Sorry Kelly, this rant sounds like something Alex Jones or Fox would go on about. You're better than that."

Vicki in Rush Springs comparing it to Watergate, "...sort of makes 18 min of erased tapes seem like nothing"

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.