WASHINGTON - Former Senator Tom Coburn was talking about government waste in Washington and his successor, James Lankford, another waste watchdog, was with him Wednesday.

The event that he and Senator Lankford attended was, in part, to promote Coburn's new venture called "Pursuit". An organization urging millennials to unite, regardless of party, in demanding honest oversight from our leaders, and policies that reduce the national debt.

Coburn pulled no punches, he said that his generation had stolen the future from this younger generation, with all the debt that's been piled up. And he ripped the idea currently being floated by the House GOP of restoring earmarks.

Senator Lankford, of course, shares many of the same views about government spending and waste.

News 9 was there last year when he released his latest Federal Fumbles report.

And Wednesday, he said this is not a partisan issue.

Both men also talked about duplication in government services. Lankford has legislation he's been pushing for about a half dozen years that he says would help end that.