PIEDMONT, Oklahoma - A Piedmont teacher is under investigation for using excessive physical force.

Piedmont Superintendent James White said the district learned of the allegations against a middle school teacher last week, and immediately suspended the teacher.

In a letter that went out to parents late Monday afternoon, White also said he "personally contacted the parents of all students in the classroom." 

The district is conducting their own investigation, and also reported their concerns to Oklahoma DHS and the Piedmont Police Department.

“They wanted an outside agency… to follow up and do a more thorough investigation,” said Piedmont Police Chief Scott Singer. “Certainly one that may end up involving criminal acts.”

Singer said they were notified about the allegations Friday.

“Right now, we are conducting a number of interviews with not only staff, (but) students, parents,” said Singer.

The chief said there may be more than one victim and he understands there is video of the contact.

“That is in the possession of investigators at this point and any information I can’t comment on until I’ve had a chance to review it.”

At this point in the investigation, he is not releasing the name of the teacher.

“We certainly don’t want to throw names out. It tends to tarnish a reputation.”

The chief said after they conduct their investigation, they will present the case to the District Attorney who will decide if charges will be filed.