EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond North student was arrested for selling LSD at the high school. Police opened the investigation after another student was hospitalized from an overdose.

“He told us he took two hits of LSD and purchased it from a student at Edmond North,” said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police Department.

The next day, police caught up with the accused 17-year-old Edmond North student at the school.

“We found that student in the parking lot in his car smoking marijuana,” said Wagnon.

According to court papers, the teen admitted to selling LSD to local high school students. Detectives tracked down 107 doses of LSD and six Adderall pills the student intended to sell.

“Because of the amount," Wagnon said, "that kicks him into the Youthful Offender Act which he can be charged as an adult.”

Edmond Public Schools offered a statement regarding the arrest:

The arrest of an Edmond North High School student for possession and trafficking of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) is regrettable. In instances such as this, the district supports the Edmond Police Department and the District Attorney in seeking the maximum penalties allowed by law. The safety of our schools is paramount and we will remain vigilant in our efforts to put an end to any action that disrupts the educational process or jeopardizes the health and welfare of our students.

While it comes in small doses, police warn teens and parents LSD can have dangerous consequences.

“The student that overdosed on it took two hits of it,” said Wagnon, “and didn’t know what affect it would have on him (and) was actually hospitalized.”

The teen was booked in the Oklahoma County Jail this week and has since bonded out. Edmond Police will turn their investigation over to the Oklahoma County district attorney’s office for official charges.