NINNEKAH, Oklahoma - An impromptu dodgeball game gone awry Tuesday afternoon landed a Ninnekah Middle School physical education teacher in hot water.

Nick Johnson, a 13-year-old Ninnekah student, says he accidentally threw a ball that hit his P.E. teacher in the groin. Johnson and his mother Laura say that teacher chased Nick down then whipped Nick repeatedly with his belt.

Laura said, “If you can’t control your temper, you know, then you shouldn’t be around kids."

She wants the teacher fired.

Ninnekah Superintendent Todd Bunch says the situation was handled immediately. The teacher has been suspended with pay and the investigation has been “forwarded to the proper authorities.” The Grady County Sheriff’s Office confirms it’s begun an investigation.

Nick Johnson says he’s just sorry it happened in the first place.

“He just ran at me,” Johnson said.

“Did you mean to hit him there?" I asked.

“No, I mean I was aiming for the chest.”

Superintendent Bunch says state privacy laws forbid him from naming the teacher.