CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A California man was arrested in Canadian County with 70 pounds of marijuana and marijuana products in his rental car, last week.

A sheriff’s deputy pulled over 30-year-old Shawn Simmons on Tuesday, after the deputy said he observed the vehicle weaving off of Interstate 40 and onto the shoulder, southwest of Calumet.

According to the report, Simmons claimed he was traveling from Oakland, California to Nashville, Tennessee to visit his sick father.

“My deputies thought it was strange that Simmons would rent a vehicle and drive for two days to see his father for less than a day, and then turn around and drive two days back to Oakland. But what they thought was even weirder than that, was Simmons was wearing a Tuxedo for his cross-country drive,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

A K9 unit was requested at the scene, and the responding dog, Eddy, made a positive hit on the vehicle. Authorities searched the car and found 43 pounds of high-grade hydroponic pot packaged in plastic bags.

Deputies also found more than 26 pounds of edible marijuana products, including candy, cookies, popcorn, cigars and vapor cigarettes. All of the drugs were stored in cardboard boxes in the trunk of the vehicle.

Simmons was arrested and booked into the Canadian County Jail on two counts of trafficking marijuana, trafficking illegal drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bond was set at $200,000.