ARCADIA, Oklahoma - Part of a private 128-year-old cemetery near the town of Meridian in rural Logan County is in need of help, because it’s been overrun by tall grass and weeds. 

With the blessing of Evansville Cemetery's caretaker, Honoring America’s Warriors Executive Director Scotty Dee plans to create a service project, that will make the whole cemetery look better.  He said veterans buried there date all of the way back to the Civil War. 

“We’ve been to a lot of obscure cemeteries to render honors before.  And so we’re always looking for that one that we can have an impact and kind of making it look better. The one nobody knows about, those are the one’s we’re looking for,” he said. 

Dee said Honoring America’s Warriors is glad to accept donations as well. Evansville was established in 1889, but there are graves there that date back to the 1870s.

Evansville Cemetery used to be segregated. There are many graves of African Americans there that are more than 100 years old.