OKLAHOMA CITY - Education isn't the only department asking lawmakers for more money. The Department of Corrections is now asking for nearly $850 million.

The Department of Corrections has made the request to lawmakers so the department can build two new prisons. The state's prison population is at 108% capacity, and it's expected to grow.

DOC said he expects the prison population to grow by about 40,000 inmates over the next 10 years. So the requests to lawmakers likely won’t stop with these two prisons.

"Over the next 10 years I’m going to need another three facilities,” said DOC Director Joe Allbaugh. “Those things aren't cheap. Most of our people should not be in prison, they should be in some type of program. And judges think they're sending people to prison to get help, there is no help in prison.”

While the department is overcrowded with inmates, it’s facing a crisis with a shortage of corrections officers.