BURNS FLAT, Oklahoma - A man was shot by officers after a high-speed chase on I-40 that ended in Burns Flat.

The pursuit began when an Elk City officer pulled over a car with several people inside. While talking with the occupants, the driver put it in gear and took off, reaching speeds around 120 mph. The officer chased the driver into Burns Flat where he was able to perform a tactical vehicle maneuver and caused the driver's car to stall out. The driver then jumped out of the car and ran.

The suspect ran towards a well-populated neighborhood on Iroquois Rd and tried to break into a house. The officer tracked him down, pulled and shot his taser but unsuccessfully.

The suspect then turned to the officer with a gun in his hand. The officer then shot the suspect. The suspect was taken to to a hospital in Clinton and pronounced dead.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations special agents are still gathering information and evidence.