OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A teenager is arrested for stalking his former Boy Scout leader.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff says 19-year-old Cheyenne Edgemon sent the criptic messages in pursuit of his crime fighting fantasy.

Edgemon is accused of sending ransom type notes, audio recordings, and text messages to the victim from June to September of this year.

Investigators say he went by the name of "Nightshade" and asked the victim to help him fight crime by hacking into computers with criminal information.

According to court records, Brian Bates of JohnTV.com was one of those targeted.

Bates said he was warned about the investigation by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office.

"He wanted to crime fight and rescue people caught in human trafficking and for some reason he believed that my website and my computer sort of had the key and database of every human trafficker in the state."

Bates is an anti-human trafficking activist but says he does not endorse anyone else to do it. "I'm so glad no one was hurt in all of this," he said.

Edgemon never contacted Bates, only the victim.

The notes were made from letters cut out of a magazine and glued to paper. One of them stated," I know who you are. I've studied you for years but don't worry I mean you no harm."

The note signed by “Nightshade” also said," you are a good man who knows when to break the rules for good”.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office says the notes began showing up on the victim's car more frequently and included pictures from high profile crimes such as the murder of Carina Saunders, the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes; as well as images of Roger Dale Stafford in the Sirloin Stockade Murders.

After leaving the notes, he began texting the victim from a TracFone. Messages read, "I want you to help me solve cases similar to those" and "have I gotten your attention yet or do I need to up the ante."

The Oklahoma County Sheriff Office (OSCO) spokesperson said the message shook up the victim's family. They feared for their safety.

Investigators began working with the victim to get more information from Edgemon. Eventually they got a ping on the cell phone and tracked down his identity. The OCSO searched Edgemon's home and recovered numerous items including magazines, voice distorted, and a choke cord.

Edgemon was arrested on Wednesday morning in Harrah. He is charged with stalking and several computer crimes. At last check, he is being held without bond at the Oklahoma County Jail.

Jeff Woolsey, Scout Executive and CEO of the Last Frontier Council for Boys Scout of America released the following statement on behalf of the victim and his associates:

"The alleged behavior of this young man is no way taught or associated with the programs of the Boy Scouts of America. Our volunteer adult leaders are our most precious resource and it is sad when this type of alleged behavior is directed at one of our good volunteers and his family."