DUNCAN, Oklahoma - A case of incest out of Duncan now has a mother and daughter behind bars. We are learning more about the mother's controversial marriages.

Mother and daughter Patricia and Misty Spann are sitting in jail accused of an incestuous marriage. Patricia is 43, and her biological daughter Misty is 25.

Their relationship was discovered last month by investigators with the Department of Human Services. But this is not the first time Patricia Spann married a family member. She was married to one of her sons for two years, starting in 2008.

Now relatives told KSWO that Misty was pressured into the relationship.

"I think she's worthless she put my sister into this.  She forced my sister into this, there's a lot of people that know it. For you to want to put your own daughter through this, what kind of person are you?  If that's what you want that's on you, but none of us kids want that, and now you got my sister behind bars because of your choices, why don't you let that sit on you as a mom," Misty’s brother Cody Spann said.

Patricia said she married her daughter in hopes of adopting a child.