OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro mother dies in a vehicle crash, and now, her husband is fighting his mother-in-law and the state of Texas to get his children returned to him.

Marquita Galbreath, 30, died June 3 in a two-vehicle crash in Oklahoma City. 

On July 30, an Oklahoma County judge awarded temporary custody of the Galbreath’s three children to Lyndon Galbreath, who was married to Marquita. 

However, Galbreath’s Oklahoma City attorney Holly Hefton said Galbreath’s mother-in-law kidnapped the two youngest children from their Oklahoma City school, and is holding those two children at her home near Fort Worth in Tarrant County, Texas. 

Hefton said the Tarrant County district attorney’s office has been unwilling to help bring the those two children back to Oklahoma City.

“They said they are not obligated to enforce an order from an Oklahoma County judge, and in certain civil situations that is true. But this is a pickup order for children that were illegally taken to Texas,” she said. 

News 9 reached out on Friday to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office twice about this situation. They office has not returned News 9's call or correspondence.