OKLAHOMA CITY - Probably the most anticipated presidential primary debate in a long time Thursday night. Here's what you had to say about the candidates performances:

“Cruz is a total politician. Trump is hitting a nerve in the American people. Christie is surprising me. Rand is a joke,” says Becky.

“Loving this, first time my husband, myself, and my son have sat down to watch something together in a long time,” says Heather.

“I continue to be impressed with Marco Rubio,” says Jane.

“I like how Trump has no filter,” says Leah.

“I like some of these guys. Trump is a sideshow,” says Eric.

“I love Trump and Huckabee. Great potential running mates. That's what I think,” says Sam.

“Rand Paul needs to stop talking. He's trying too hard,” says Travis.

“Definitely entertaining! More like a Soap Opera!” says Patsy.

“Can't deny what Trump says is what most Americans believe. Have been pretty impressed with Cruz and Rubio, least impressed with Bush,” says Beth.

“Donald Trump is a loud mouth! Rubio is very confident! Huckabee is very smart! Kasich is an awesome Gov.,” says Tina.

“Incredibly contentious toward Trump by design. The writing is on the wall in that FOX isn't interested in endorsing Trump,” says Brian

“Very tough, direct questions, and that's good,” says Denise

“It's going to be Bush vs Trump. Either one will be our next President,” says Skylar.