OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man is facing child sex charges after another successful sting operation set up by the Canadian County Sheriff’s office.

Aaron Felde, 22, was arrested on Wednesday after engaging in lewd conversations with an undercover deputy, who he believed was a 14-year-old girl.

The investigation began after Felde allegedly friend requested and undercover officer’s fake Facebook profile on Tuesday. According to investigators the conversation immediately turned sexual, with Felde describing various sex acts he’d like to perform. Felde even asked the “girl” to involve a 12-year-old friend.

On Wednesday, a second undercover officer engaged with Felde on Facebook pretending to be a completely different 14-year-old girl. Again, Felde began chatting about group sex with the “girl” and her 13-year-old cousin.

“It sickens me to no end that this man believed, and had every intention to meet girls ages 12 to 14 for group sex,” said Randall Edwards, Canadian County Sheriff.

Later Wednesday afternoon, investigators arrested Felde at his parent’s home in the 700 block of NW 96th St. Felde cooperated with investigators by turning over his laptop and confessing to the crimes.

Felde was booked into the Canadian County Jail on two counts of Soliciting Sex with a Minor by use of Technology. His bond was set at $100,000.