OKLAHOMA CITY - A young Oklahoma City architect has made a name for himself taking on bold rehab projects all over the metro area. 

Shyon Keoppel is a 2005 Putnam City North High School graduate who bought his first duplex when he was 19 years old. 

Since then, Keoppel has either fully-restored or worked on as many as 100 dilapidated homes in and around town. 

His newest project is an old drug dealing haven in Midtown at NW 8th Street. 

Keoppel plans to transform it into a 5,000-square-foot home with a pool. 

He says right now he’s concentrating on the Midtown area, and other properties near his own home at 47th and N. Blackwelder.  He says momentum for these kinds of projects is growing.

“There’s a lot of people trying to get in the market and invest and fix things up. I got a lot of people who call me asking for deals and what not. Yeah, it’s definitely happening,” Keoppel said.