EL RENO, Oklahoma - A scammer in Canadian County is preying on the fear of being arrested to get money from his victims. The con artist claims his victims missed jury duty and must pay him a fine to stay out of jail.

It was an unusual call for Thomas Boardman Monday afternoon. A man claiming to be a Canadian County Sheriff's deputy called him looking for his sister, who he cares for.

"They said she failed to appear for jury duty and there had been a warrant issued for her arrest," said Boardman.

Boardman tried explaining to the so-called-deputy his sister is not physically able to sit on a jury due to her mental disabilities. But the imposter wasn't interested in excuses.

"If I could get to a Paypal and get money put on a card a bring it to them at the sheriff's station that they could get it fixed to where I have a court date," he said

Boardman was instructed to drive to a CVS in Yukon, all the while remaining on the phone with con artist. He then was told to buy a $100 Paypal card.

"When I got back in the vehicle he had me scratch the card and they said there would be some numbers on the back of the card, to read those numbers to him," said Boardman.

He was then given a court date for later this month, but later that night Boardman realized he'd been conned.

"It's a $100. I guess thank goodness it wasn't a $1,000 or $1,300 or $1,500. Would I have paid it? I probably would have to keep her out of jail," he said.

Today we called the number looking to talk with the bogus lieutenant, but only got this voicemail: "Thank you for calling Canadian County Sheriff's Office the desk of Lt. Michael Connelly. I am currently away from my desk. Please leave a message or if this is an emergency hang up and call 911."

We left a message, but the man never returned our call.

Undersheriff Chris West says call the law enforcement agency back if you ever question someone you're talking to over the phone.