MOORE, Oklahoma - A woman whose house was damaged in the May 20 tornado says a bad contractor duped her out of thousands of dollars and vandalized her house with feces and urine.

Latoya Wright says she was shocked when she showed up at her house one day to check on the repairs that were supposed to be completed. She says the plan was to move out of the house while the work was done and when it was finished, she would move back in.

"I knocked on the door and found that my home was occupied without my knowledge," said Wright. "My contractor and his family of five."

An eviction notice still hangs on the door from when deputies forced the contractor out of the house. A lawsuit filed in Cleveland County Court names Timothy Wynn as the contractor and Southern Pride Roofing and Construction, LLC as the company she paid for the repairs.

Inside the house, Wright says she found disgusting conditions: Feces and urine on the carpet and smeared on the walls, her cabinets and light fixtures ripped out. Even the flowers from her mother's funeral were trashed.

"It's just not a home anymore. This is not the house that she purchased and that we took pride in making a home," said Wright. "You invaded my space, my memories, my home."

A Moore Police report estimates the vandalism damage to cost $15,000. In the lawsuit, Wright's attorney alleges the work on Wright's house was originally supposed to take just two weeks.

"These are things that I was expecting to be repaired," Wright said as she showed News 9 the loose bricks on the front of her house.

Wright said Southern Pride Roofing and Construction was paid by her insurance company. The company estimated that the repairs would cost $30,000. Half of that was cashed, the other half was held by her insurance company until the work is completed.

"The damage still remains the unfortunate thing is that I don't have the money to make the repairs now because they will not release those funds back to me."

News 9 briefly spoke with the owner of Southern Pride Roofing and Construction LLC., who deferred comment to his lawyer only saying this was a "bad deal." The owner's legal team also declined to comment to News 9 about the lawsuit. They have about a week to respond to the lawsuit that Wright and her attorney have filed.