ELK CITY, Oklahoma - Firefighters have managed to contain a massive fire at a trucking company in western Oklahoma that injured two people.

The fire started Saturday morning at Hodges Trucking in Elk City, a company that specializes in oilfield equipment and oversized machinery. Soon after the fire began, there were several explosions at the business. Witnesses sent video and pictures to News 9, showing a thick column of flames and black smoke shooting up to 300 feet in the air. In one video, multiple explosions are heard.

The Beckham County Sheriff's Office evacuated people within a one mile radius because of both the fire and the chemicals inside the building, but people are slowly being allowed to return their homes.

The fire has been contained, but fire crews say it will likely burn for the rest of the day. It's an oil-based fire, so firefighters can do little more than monitor it and fight to prevent it from spreading.

Two people were treated for burns on their hands and arms, but no one was seriously injured. It's not known how the fire started.