TISHOMINGO, Oklahoma - A battle over a city ordinance got the attention of a big-name country music star. Miranda Lambert weighed in on Twitter to show support for the animal shelter.

The City Council told the only animal control officer to enforce a three-day rule, where animals would be put down once they were in the shelter for three days.

Larissa Pittman operates the shelter and said the current city ordinance, established in the early 1990s, allows for animals to be put down or adopted out after three days in city custody, but it does not require that to happen. She felt pressured from other city officials to put the animals down.

The issue boiled over recently when the city council decided to enforce the law the way they understood it, but the city manager explained there has been an informal practice that he hopes to make law.

"We have is an informal policy of putting an advertisement and picture in the local paper and not euthanizing the animal for at least a week after it's been in the paper," explained City Manager Jack Yates. "It's not a question about not caring for the animals we cannot house all the animals we are taking in."

Opponents of the ordinance said three days is far too short of a timeframe to get the animals into new homes.

"Oh, I can't imagine one of my dogs getting away and put down so quickly without giving the people a chance to come and get him," said volunteer Aida Milligan. "If we had time, we can find more homes for them. We cannot find homes in three days."

Country star Miranda Lambert took to Twitter after hearing the news. She posted, "City mngr gave me his word no dogs will be put down at Tishomingo shelter on Friday."

There is no denying abandoning pets has been a growing issue in Tishomingo, but opponents of the ordinance said they do not understand. They said there is extra space at the shelter and a several-month supply of donated food at the shelter. Since that has been the case, they do not understand the reasoning for putting the animals down.

The next City Council will be on August 20 at 7p.m.