OKLAHOMA CITY - The USDA yelled a loud "oops" last week after supporting a "Meatless Monday's" campaign much to the dismay of meat producers in America.

Meat headed, I called it, here's what you had to say.

Richard first:

"No meat on Monday's? That's ok, we'll have lamb."

Catbird writes:

"I have started this in my home too, as we are trying to get healthier, and we enjoy it a lot."

Gil in Shawnee:

"I eat meat everyday usually beef or pork often chicken..WHY?? because I like it!!! cookout every chance I get."

Jennifer from Blanchard:

"There is nothing wrong with being healthy one day a week, especially after watching what does go into our bodies.."

Smoke says:

"I'm 55 years old and walk about 3 miles a day and do the same push-ups and set-ups I did while on active duty. I EAT MEAT every day as part of my diet so pardon me if I disagree.."

Nancy didn't like my commentary at all:

"Rather than poke small sacrifice in the eye with a steak knife Kelly, why not encourage viewers to try Meatless Mondays for a month."

Finally Michele writes:

"Try and take away my meat and I will stab you with my fork."

More vegans means more meat for me."