OKLAHOMA CITY - A team of law enforcement officers has arrested a man suspected of burglarizing homes in central Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputies and U.S. Marshals arrested 22-year-old Christopher Lee Stout on Tuesday, July 17, near S.W. 30th Street and Lee in Oklahoma City. Stout was suspected of stealing a trailer from a home in Newalla. The homeowners gave surveillance video of the crime to police, which helped investigators identify Stout.

Deputies say after they arrested Stout, he took them to a residence in the 16000 block of Hall Road in Newalla where they found the stolen trailer and several other stolen items including a four-wheeler, a riding lawnmower, several weed eaters and multiple generators. The items were reported stolen from Cleveland County, Piedmont and Arkansas.

Deputies discovered Stout was also wanted on an outstanding warrant for robbery in Oklahoma City. He was booked into the Oklahoma County jail. Deputies are still investigating to determine if Stout may be connected to more burglaries.