OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police arrest a man accused of rape.

Officers arrested Leonard DeWitt Anthony, 49, after responding to a possible rape in progress behind the Buy For Less grocery store located at 2121 W. Hefner Road.

According to a police report, the calling party could hear a woman screaming for a man to get off of her. The calling party also said the man was naked.

When officers arrived, they could hear a female attempting to scream, but that it was muffled. When officers shined their flashlight, they discovered Anthony on top of the victim. Police say Anthony tried to run east. Officers used a taser to subdue him.

The victim admitted she knows Anthony from the past when he lived in the same apartment complex she does. She told police she had never been in a relationship with him. She says she was visiting a friend at the complex on Stratford Drive where Anthony was also visiting that friend and offered to walk her home. During the walk she said he forced her to the ground and raped her. She told him to stop several times but he refused to get off of her.