OKLAHOMA CITY - State and federal authorities broke up a major drug organization with ties to Mexican drug cartels Monday.

More than 100 agents with Homeland Security and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics canvassed the metro with arrest warrants in hand. Agents say the organization was responsible for pushing at least ten pounds of meth to the streets every week. That has value of about $160,000, according to the bureau of narcotics. Monday's bust netted nearly 20 suspects.

It was a rude awakening as agents rounded up suspects. A total of 38 arrest warrants led to the disruption of a lucrative connection to Mexican drug smuggling.

"[These are] not your eight ball users … these are significant distributors," Darrell Weaver, director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said.

Agents had been using wire taps on the suspects for two years. In that amount of time, agents believe about $16.6 million worth of meth was sold. That means the stakes are high for those serving the arrest warrants. To keep the upper hand, agents surrounded the homes to eliminate unwanted surprises.

News 9 was on the scene as agents arrested Miguel Aguirre, one of the main players in the organization, according to court documents. Some arrest attempts were unsuccessful. When authorities attempted to arrest Jenny Vice, she could not be found and tips turned up nothing.

"These are investigations that literally can spin into multiple defendants for years to come," Weaver said.

Monday's bust took place in multiple counties throughout Oklahoma. Most of the operation happened in Oklahoma City. Authorities say about 10 percent of the suspects are considered illegal immigrants.