EDMOND, Oklahoma - Police at the University of Central Oklahoma are still searching for a van that hit two students late last week. Now, police are investigating different accounts of what witnesses saw.

The hit-and-run happened in the heart of campus where there is a lot of traffic from both pedestrians and vehicles. Many students saw the crime take place, and multiple 911 callers reported seeing the same color of van. However, police are looking for a different van.

Several days have passed since a driver plowed down two UCO students. A university spokesperson says police believe the van that struck the women is white or light in color. That description goes against what many bystanders say they saw, including student Brittni Walker.

"It happened so fast," Walker said as she questioned if what she actually saw was the suspected van.

The university says it is getting the best information from who it calls its most reliable witness. That witness, the university says, is the one who was closest to the van before it sped off.

"We aren't ignoring any possibility," university spokeswoman Adrienne Nobles said. "If you see a van that happens to be a different color, and it has some recent body damage, please follow up on that lead with us at UCO."

On Friday, police were seen collecting evidence from a damaged white van on campus, but it was not enough to close the case.

"That was just part of the investigation and us following up on any information or leads that we're getting," Nobles said. "We're still seeking any assistance that the public can give us."

The speed limit on the road where the women were hit is just 20 mph. The university says it recently added more stop signs to the east side of campus and will continue looking for new ways to make the campus even safer.

Police are looking for a white or light-colored mini-van with tinted windows. It may have damage to the windshield and front end.

If you see it, call UCO Police at (405)-974-2345.