DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Del City police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a high speed pursuit and crash that resulted in an 18 year old being shot and killed.

The teenager's family is outraged, saying he was shot in the back. The Medical examiner's office confirms that.

"OK yeah, he ran from the police, but that's not justification," says Dane Scott Sr., the teenager's father. "Does that mean if I have a traffic offense that I need to be shot and killed?"

"There's no way in God's name if a man has his hands up that you should shoot a man with his hands up," said James Edward, Scott's uncle.

News 9 is told the department has placed the officer involved in that shooting on paid administrative leave, as is customary in an officer involved shooting. And they are still reviewing all the witness statements, some of which they say have changed.

Dane Scott Jr. was pronounced dead at the hospital after being rushed there after the shooting that occurred at southeast 15th Street and I-35. His family says he is a senior at Del City High.

Police say Scott was behind the wheel of this white car when police tried to initiate a traffic stop after he was seen driving in the middle of the road. Police say Scott almost hit the police car and that's when the chase was on. It lasted between 10 and 15 minutes.

Scott's car then crashed into a tractor trailer near SE 15th and I-35. Police say Scott again tried to get away, but their officer tried to pin him in, but that's when he got out, and police say Scott had a gun.

"When Scott exited the vehicle he did have a firearm in his hand," said Capt. Jody Suit with the Del City Police Dept. "There was an  altercation between the officer and Scott. During the course of that they did go to the ground. When they got back up shots were fired. We're not going to go into details of how many and where."

Police say Dane Scott Jr. had an extensive juvenile record and had multiple run-ins with the law. But his family says that does not justify the officer shooting their 18-year-old loved one. News 9's Wednesday night report indeed showed people asking that same question. But according to police, their stories changed.

"The same witness that made those statements to the media that he had his hands up and was trying to surrender, in a police statement, he said nothing to that type." said Suit.

Police say they have already interviewed several witnesses, but they want to speak to more.

Scott's family wishes police would have only used a taser gun to try to subdue him, instead of a real one.

"They are the reason he is not here with us to this day." said James Edward, Dane Scott Jr's uncle. "You can't justify shooting a man with his hands up, he's only a kid. He just turned 18. His whole life was ahead of him."

Witnesses say two other people in Scott's car were questioned at the scene. Police say in addition to a firearm, they also found marijuana and other drugs in the car.