OKLAHOMA CITY - The state health department says more than a third of Oklahoma's flu hospitalizations this season have hit in just the last few weeks.

Over a hundred Oklahomans have headed to the hospital with the flu this season.  And 48 of those happened in just the last few weeks. 

While that may seem like a lot, one pharmacist tells News 9 it's pretty low compared to previous years. However, the peak of flu season has hit very late this year.

"The last two weeks, yeah, which is very very unusual. It's usually December and January are really, really heavy and peaks around that time. But it's been nothing like I've seen it in years," said pharmacist, Dani Lynch.

Flu shots are still available if you haven't gotten one.

Two people have died this year because of the flu in Oklahoma. They were between the ages of 19 and 64, which is also unusual for flu deaths.

Lynch says allergies and bronchitis are also going around, and that they sometimes are mistaken for the flu.