MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - Midwest City police said a 14-year-old Jarman Middle School student faces a felony criminal complaint for bringing a gun to school Wednesday.

A classmate reported seeing the teenager holding a gun in the bathroom. The student told school officials. The gun was found in the student's locker and police were notified. Officers took the loaded Raven Arms MP 25 pistol but did not arrest the teen. His parents were notified and picked him up. The parents told police the gun did not belong to them and did not know where he got it. According to police, the gun is not stolen.

Mid-Del school officials said the student has been expelled from the district.

School officials said it was too late in the day to send home a letter notifying parents of the incident. The district's spokesperson said a recorded call was made to parents between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

Police are presenting a felony firearm charge to the Oklahoma County District Attorney. The DA will decide if a charge will be filed.

Police say the teen does not have any prior juvenile charges.