PRAGUE, Oklahoma - A Prague couple is preparing for a fight.  Larry Harris and his partner Justin are fighting to keep the little boy that has been in their lives for almost three years.  

The couple was awarded custody of the 3-year-old Chandler shortly after he was born. They say his mother, who is also Justin's sister, tested positive for drugs at the time of Chandler's birth. The boy's mother has limited custody but lives in Texas.  The men let Chandler live with her for a short time but had to rush him home after a disturbing call.

"We got a call the first of February last year from Christy's mother in law. She said Chandler had been abused by his mother," said Harris.

Chandler's mother Christy now wants full custody of her child and is taking the men to court.  Her attorney recently filed a motion to modify the custody agreement.  The couple said the woman is not a fit parent.

"I don't think it would be in the best interest to send him back with her," said Harris.

The men worry their same sex partnership may be a problem when the custody case goes to court.

"I would hope the courts wouldn't have a biased opinion and do whatever is best him," said Harris.

The couple can't imagine losing the little boy that has brought them so much joy.

"I don't know what I would do if I lost him," said Harris.

Chandler's mother Christy said three of her children have been taken from her and her youngest child was taken by child protective services but she has regained custody.