MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - A school fight caught on video has a mother outraged.

It happened in December, but the woman's son says fights caught on camera are a common occurrence.

The two male students are seen punching each other then falling down the stairs where one of them stomps on the other's head.

All of this as you can see while students watch.

The YouTube video was posted on Holly Thornberry's son's fFcebook page. It brought her to tears.

The fight starts with two words: Hit me. One student hits the other, they tumble down the steps and to add insult to a horrific injury, one is knocked unconscious.

"I know I am going to send my kid out into the world and it's going to be rough, but in high school (it is too early)," said Thornberry.

Her 11th grade son, Seth, said many fights are gang-related.

"False claiming they are a Blood, they say they are a Crip," he said.

Seth said administrators try and stop the images from hitting the internet.

"If they see who took the video with the cell phone, they take it to the principal and they delete it," he said.

His mother is disgusted. "I have to work.  My husband has to work. Our kids have to get an education.  We can't hold their hands their whole lives and that terrifies me," said Thornberry.

It saddens her after the teen was clearly unconscious, classmates stand over him gawking, but not offering help.

Mid-Del Schools told News 9 neither boy was seriously injured and their parents declined to file charges. A school spokesperson also said the district took "severe disciplinary action" and one of the students no longer attends school there.