OKLAHOMA CITY - Neighbors along Teakwood Drive are still in shock over the double murder. Some have even come by the house to place flowers in the yard. Others are grieving in private.

No one can understand what could have caused a seemingly loving husband and father to kill his wife and precious baby girl.

Pictures of happier times are posted all over their Facebook, including snapshots from a recent cruise, and home video of their adorable daughter, Ali.

"That really made me sad even more because I don't see how someone could kill a two-year-old," said Mark Barnes, a neighbor.

Ali was only 14 months old. Both she and her mother, Tara, were found dead inside the house.

Oklahoma City police say they were alerted by Edmond police about the deaths, after they had received an anonymous phone call.

"I really didn't even know anyone was even living there."

Norma May has lived out here more than 30 years.

She says she knew Daniel's mother, but did not know Daniel and his wife Tara very well.

"I can't believe anything like this could happen. I mean, it happens everywhere, but you don't think it's going to happen in your own back yard."

Police don't know exactly when the murders took place, but Daniel's car was found at the Oklahoma City airport Monday night. And Daniel was found dead inside a hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

"Last night he was discovered in a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, by Las Vegas police. He had committed suicide in a hotel room," said Oklahoma City police spokesman Sergeant Gary Knight.

On a Facebook posting, Daniel's father revealed he was found at the Mirage.

Right now police do not have a motive behind the brutal murder suicide.

"We do know that he was the father of the child and that the two were married, but we do not know what made him kill his wife and daughter and then flee to another state," Knight said.

For now, all friends, family and neighbors can do is grieve.

"Some people are messed up and some people are just confused in life."