OKLAHOMA CITY - UPDATE:  Police have identified the suspect who was wounded in Saturday evening's shooting as 20-year-old Demontrail Smith.  Police Captain Dexter Nelson said he is being held on preliminary charges of pointing a firearm and possession of marijuana.

Oklahoma City Police officers shot a suspect just before 5 o'clock Saturday evening in the 1400 block of N.E. 17th Street.

Captain Dexter Nelson with OKCPD said one of those subjects took off on foot and officers chased after him.

"Shots were fired when the subject, that subject turned on the officers with a weapon," said Nelson.

Captain Nelson said the two officers were in the area working an off-duty gang overtime program when they confronted the group. He would not confirm the identity of the injured subject but one woman came forward and said it was her son.

"The police just now told me that he was in stable condition," said Shenetha Watkins. "We don't know because we haven't seen him."

Watkins identified her son as 20-year-old Demontrail Smith. She said he lives in Midwest City with his wife. Watkins is saying the police got the wrong person.

"They tried to say it was gang-related," said Watkins. "He ain't even from no gang. He lives with his wife, he takes care, you know, they take care of their family. He's a family man."

Police painted a different picture at the scene.

"The gun is still here," said Nelson. "An officer has to protect himself and the community around him so, of course, if someone turns on him with a weapon, he's going to do what he has to do to protect himself."

Captain Nelson also said the two officers involved with the shooting were placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation into the incident. He also said charges are pending against the suspect who was shot.