EL RENO, Oklahoma - An angry father spread the word Friday about recent bullying his son suffered at Roblyer Middle School. Friday, Jason McCormick said he filed a police report about a recent incident involving his son because school administrators were not doing enough.

"More than likely, I'll never know exactly what's going on," said McCormick. "He's had everything from a book thrown at his head and actually had a cut on his forehead. He's come home with bumps and bruises before. He's had his binder that he uses to carry all of his books actually sliced with an x-acto knife in the art class."

McCormick believes his son has been bullied for about three years by the same group of students. This week the conflict escalated in math class. McCormick said another student punched his son three times. So far, he has been disappointed with the school district's response.

"The only phone call I have received is from a staff member, a teacher, saying that it's getting really bad."

But El Reno School District Superintendent Ranet Tippens said there is a reason why McCormick has not heard anything about the incident from her office.

"All of the information about students is confidential," said Tippens. "FERPA law requires that we cannot say to the other parent, ‘This is what I did with the other child.'"

She did explain that the school has several policies in place to combat bullying and that every report of bullying is investigated by the district.

"We interview children. We interview the adults on duty and we look for the story to match."

The district has a range of punishments, but McCormick says it's not enough for what his son puts up with every day, "They're intimidating my son to see how far they can push him and they know that they are not going to get in trouble."

McCormick said he filed the police report and plans to press charges. A copy of that report was not available Friday afternoon.