OKLAHOMA CITY - Gas prices keep going up, and some experts are saying with the Iranian tension in the Middle East it could hit 5 bucks a gallon by summer.

Got me to thinking about how high the price would have to get before I made drastic changes in our family driving habits.

Riding the bus isn't doable with my schedule, but I would certainly curtail or combine errands and such at 5 bucks a gallon.

Several of you responded to my question on Facebook tonight about what gas price would have you riding the bus.

Cole from Edmond said:"Honestly probably $10. The bus is pretty horrible."

Kimberly from Oklahoma City use to ride the bus: "I'd ride a bike before I'd ride the bus!"

And Raylene adds: "..if they keep going up I may start walking as I only live a mile from work."

I'm curious to hear how high gas prices would have to get before you'd radically change your transportation habits, either riding the bus, or carpooling or even bicycling to work.