EDMOND, Oklahoma - Edmond Police discovered more than 1,000 doses of LSD during a recent traffic stop in the 2100 block of Broadway Avenue.

On Sunday, February 19, an officer saw a truck make an illegal lane change. The officer pulled over the truck, and 18-year-old Eliot Casiano was behind the wheel.

The officer said Casiano was apologetic, nervous and refused to look at him. He said the teen's hands were shaking badly when he handed the officer his driver's license and an expired insurance card.

The officer questioned Casiano and asked him if he had anything illegal in his truck. According to the police report, Casiano replied some friends had marijuana in the vehicle a few days ago, but those drugs had been removed.

The officer deployed his K9 partner to the vehicle. The police dog signaled there were drugs in the truck. The officer then asked Casiano if he could search him, and he consented. The officer found LSD in Casiano's packet.

The officer called for backup, and more officers searched Casiano's truck. They found 1,041 doses of LSD throughout the vehicle.

Police arrested Casiano on suspicion of aggravated trafficking.