MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - Police say a Midwest City woman opened her home to a troubled family member who is now accused of brutally murdering her.

Police have arrested Violet Hemphill's nephew, Phillip Potts, and are questioning his girlfriend about the bizarre crime.

Potts, 23, and his girlfriend are being held in the Midwest City jail. Police say Potts has been uncooperative, but his girlfriend has shared details about Hemphill's murder and their plan to commit suicide after the victim died.

Police Chief Brandon Clabes said officers found 64-year-old Hemphill murdered in a bedroom. Potts and his girlfriend were found nude and unconscious in another bedroom with suicide notes.

"Both she and Potts made a pact to commit suicide by drug overdose and gas inhalation," Clabes said.

When police arrived, natural gas was spewing out of the unlit stove. Clabes said Potts planned to blow up the house.

"Several of the electrical outlets in the house were modified to cause some type of ignition which would blow up the house," he said.

Potts was arrested after he was released from the hospital.

Police learned Potts had an argument with his aunt Monday night that escalated into a brutal murder. The medical examiner's office said Hemphill's body had multiple injuries including possible stab wounds to the head and chest.

Potts faces a first-degree murder charge. His girlfriend could also be charged.

"We will confirm with the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office about possible charges against her," Clabes said.

Police say the girlfriend is still considered a witness.

Potts has lived with several family members before moving in with his aunt. He will be transferred to the Oklahoma County Jail tomorrow.