Jon Jordan, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- It was a Christmas Day nightmare for John and Shannon Baker along with their two kids. The family away at the time returned to their southwest Oklahoma City home to find it was destroyed by a fire.

Almost everything the family owned was scorched and anything that was salvageable has since been taken by thieves.

The incident forced the family to live out of their van, but more than anything, it stripped them of any hope they had of rebuilding their lives.However, thanks to a generous donation by an anonymous News 9 viewer, the Baker's have hope again.

The viewer dropped off a check made out to the family for $1,000, which is money the Baker's said will provide them the ability to find a new place and more importantly start over.

"This [check] right here, oh my God, this is a blessing right here, it is" Shannon Baker said.

The anonymous viewer only said, "I am not rich but the Baker's story touched my heart."

Because of the generous donation, it is Shannon's heart that has now been touched. The wife and mother of two said just when she was beginning to give up, she received the money. 

"It gives me hope to know there is good people of there who want to help when bad things happen like this," Shannon Baker said.

Her husband John Baker said the check is a blessing.

John Baker said the best part of the money is knowing they can finally stop living out of their van and move into a place where they can take a shower and sleep in a warm bed.

"We are sleeping in our car. It's been rough, but we are still together. The only thing we can do now is move forward," John Baker said.

Making moving on easier the family said is the generous donation they received from a person they now call their savior.

"It makes me have more faith then what I did, now my kids can have a Christmas. We can have a place to lay our head and get the stuff we need, so thank you," Shannon Baker said.

In addition to the check the family said they have also received a call from a person willing to donate them furniture once the family finds a new place to stay. The family said they have tried to stay at several of Oklahoma City's shelters but were turned away because they were told the shelters were already filled to capacity.