OKLAHOMA CITY -- One person was killed after a catamaran flipped on the west side of Lake Hefner.

Lt. Issac Goodman with the Oklahoma City Police Department said the victim was sailing with his co-worker and his co-worker's two children when the boat overturned.

Goodman said shortly after the boat flipped the co-worker and his children were pulled from the water. However, by the time helped arrived, the victim, who police said was not wearing a life vest, had already gone under water.

At that point a search party was formed, and after about 30 minutes police discovered the man floating in the water. Emergency crews tried to resuscitate the him, but police said by then it was already too late. The victim was pronounced dead shortly before 5 p.m. at a local hospital.

"We're not sure how the boat flipped. It is windy, there are some white caps, but its not too windy that it's inappropriate for somebody that's experience to be on the water. But certainly an inexperienced sailor would have trouble maintaining a boat," Goodman said.

Police aren't sure why the victim wasn't wearing his life jacket.

"It is possible he gave it to one of his co-workers children when the boat overturned," Goodman.

Police also said they discovered two life vests attached to the boat after it was recovered.

The victim's name is not being released pending notification of his family.