OKLAHOMA CITY – Two officers involved in the fatal shooting of an escaped convict have been identified. Police said the officers are on administrative leave with pay following the shooting.

Tyler Hayes, 23, was shot and killed Thursday morning in southwest Oklahoma City after Officers Clifford Damon and Timothy Campbell pursued Hayes driving a stolen black, Chevy Lumina near S.W. 89th Street and Kentucky Avenue, police said.

Police said Hayes was an escaped fugitive from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

"Whether or not this driver was still in the vehicle, outside the vehicle, what he did to spur the officers to open fire, I do not know," said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Patrick Stewart. "That's going to come out with the investigation."

According to police, both officers Damon and Campbell suffered minor injuries.

It is still unclear if the Hayes had a gun but police said it doesn't matter because it appears the suspect used his vehicle as a weapon, which led the officers to open fire after the suspect refused to stop down a dead end street.

"The suspect failed to comply with those commands, put the vehicle in reverse and violently spun that vehicle around in a 180. During this incident, both officers discharged their duty weapons," said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Patrick Stewart.

As routine with any officer involved shooting, Damon and Campbell are on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.