By Amanda Taylor, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Check your credit and debit card statements closely. A woman has been indicted in a Craigslist utility bill scam, accused of stealing medical patients' financial information.

NEWS 9's Consumer Watch Team found an accomplice to the scam who had access to thousands of people's financial information. Sandra Acuna used to work at three prominent doctors' offices in both Oklahoma City and Edmond. She's accused of stealing credit and debit card numbers to facilitate the scam.

NEWS 9 first reported on the scam two months ago when the Consumer Watch Team went undercover and showed how it worked. The scammer posts ads on Craigslist offering to help pay utility bills. Your fee to him would be half of whatever your bills came to. The scam was clever in that the con artist really did pay the bill. So you would get a confirmation number and pay him his fee. But about a week later the payment would bounce and you'd be out what you paid him and still owe the bill. He, along with two women, has been indicted for this.

Court paperwork reveals Acuna made payments with credit card numbers she stole.