OKLAHOMA CITY -- The television landscape in Oklahoma City has seen its share of classic personalities. Pitchmen seem to flourish in this city, but when discussing pitchwomen, one stands out above the rest.

Linda Verin, also known as Linda Soundtrak, reigned supreme over the airwaves during the 1980s.

Back then, Soundtrak was one of the largest audio chains in this part of the country, winning International Magazine's Audio Retailer of the Year in 1980.

Soundtrak stores in Oklahoma closed their doors in the early 1990s, and Verin moved her family to Alabama where she opened up more stores under another name.  She continued to star in her own commercials until a few years ago when she opened her own ad agency.

"I'm still making annoying commercials but I'm not on them," Verin laughed.  "I put other people on them."

Until now.

Russell Kim, the owner of Audio Dimensions stores, grew up watching Verin, and had long pondered the idea of opening up a new Soundtrak store to supplement his other businesses.

Kim also knew the idea would work only if Soundtrak was involved.

It was May when Kim made the call, and much to his delight, Verin agreed.

"I'm sort of a type of person that is like ready, fire, aim," said Verin.  "I just kind of do stuff and then look back and see what happened."

The first commercials, featuring Verin dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, are already on the Oklahoma City airwaves.  In the first series of spots, Verin utters the phrase "There's no place like Soundtrak."

"People know the name," Kim said.  "We hope to build Soundtrak back to where it was."