By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A Del City daycare center was closed and condemned after inspectors discovered large holes in the walls and children sleeping on floors.

The Brandon Jones Daycare at 4213 Southeast 41st St. is now closed, and city officials said in their years of working in Del City, they've never seen a home daycare in such condition.

"It was pretty bad shape inside, no central heat, holes in the wall, kids sleeping on the floor. It was not a good situation," said Jim DePuy, Del City Director of Community Services.

DePuy said the home was rented out as a building and operated strictly as a daycare center, and that's deemed as an illegal operation because it was never licensed or inspected as required by the city.

"They need to follow the rules, and not only for DHS but as well through the city. We'll do a building inspection and issue a certificate of occupancy, as well as a license and none of that was done, at least on the city side," DePuy said.

A Department of Human Services worker inspected the daycare last month but no records indicated holes in the walls. A DHS spokesperson said the latest inspection in mid-November reported 3 deficiencies: an immunization record update, a heater missing a guard and the place was understaffed. The DHS worker did report holes on the exterior sidings but not inside the building.

"It just seem unconscionable to me that they'd put kids in that kind of situation. It's not a good situation for anybody to be in, certainly not for the children," DePuy said.

DHS officials and the Del City officials are working together to investigate the case. The homeowner has also been contacted by the city to take further action or the house could eventually be demolished.