By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -- A Del City eyesore is coming down. The Kristie Manor apartments have been a source of problems for the city and residents for years, but finally the condemned apartments are being torn down.

Building by building, demolition crews are getting rid of the old to make way for the new. People who live and earn a living in the area couldn't be happier.

The view of the Kristie Manor apartments for a local florist hasn't been rosy.

"They couldn't do it quick enough," said Pat Nichols, a Del City business owner. "It's just been an eye sore for the whole city."

Nichols said it was even worse when she had to explain the mess to customers.

"We have people that come in from out of town for funerals next door and want to know what the deal is at the corner down there," said the Del City business owner.

Residents were forced to move out of the apartments. Del City officials condemned the run down property because of mold and structural issues. But that won't be a problem anymore. The health hazard and eye sore is being demolished, which is a huge relief for city officials.

"We're ecstatic that it's coming down and some real development is going to happen on that corner," said Del City community Services Director Jim Depuy.

There are plans to build an OnCue convenience store and several retail shops, which has other business owners in the area excited.

"We really couldn't believe it when they told us the plans and what was going in down there ‘cause it's something we need in this area," Nichols said.

City officials say it could take crews a month or longer depending on weather to tear down all the buildings. Then development of the OnCue will start.

The California man who owned the Kristie Manor apartments also owned two other complexes in Del City. One has been foreclosed on and the other is in the foreclosure process.