By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- While most of us spent Thanksgiving Day preparing a meal for our family, a metro woman cooked in honor of our country. 

Cindy Moore spent the day cooking for an Army, and the Air Force and service men and women of all military branches.

"It started out little and it had more and more interest," said Cindy Moore. 

It's an idea the came out of a conversation with a co-worker and Cindy's son.

"A friend of mine that I work with had suggested that some of the soldiers would not be able to get home for the holidays. And my son's best friend is a Marine and he thought it was a great idea," said Cindy Moore. 

So on Thanksgiving Day, she opened her home for the men and women serving this country.

"I put the flyer at Tinker and I also emailed it to base commanders at Tinker and I also emailed Fort Sill," said Cindy Moore. 

Cindy and her friend have been hard at work since Wednesday, preparing beverages and even thank you cards for the guests.

Word quickly spread throughout the area including the business community. 

"Several companies were very generous and donated hams and turkeys and made it all possible because I couldn't do this on my own," Cindy Moore said. 

But what she did do, Cindy says, pales in comparison to what the troops do every day.

She hopes her guests leave her with a full stomach and a sense of appreciation. 

"I don't think we can say thank you enough to them and I don't know that we say it often enough. This is the least we can do I think," said Cindy Moore. 

Moore is hoping to make this an annual event. She is already making plans to feed the troops for Christmas.