There are so many companies out there that claim to get you out of debt, or settle your debt for pennies on the dollar.  Our recommendation is use a non profit company to help you.  They offer FREE debt counseling and their debt negotiation programs are a fraction of what for-profit companies charge.  One that we often recommend is "Consumer Credit Counseling Service" of Central Oklahoma.  When they negotiate, there's a 1 time fee of 40 bucks and then a monthly fee from 10 to 35 dollars - a big difference from the 5 thousand dollars that some companies charge. 

Or call them at: 405-789-2227

Be careful if you pick up a phone book to find their number.  There are "look alike" companies in there.  The one we did a story on is "Consumer Credit Counseling" - which is deceptively similar to "Consumer Credit Counseling SERVICE".