By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

MARLOW, Oklahoma -- At least three law enforcement officers, including the police chief, have been put on administrative leave at the Marlow Police Department, NEWS 9 has confirmed.

Chief Bob Hill was put on leave Monday afternoon. Officers Randy Johnson and Rodney Richards were put on leave last week.

The action follows a criminal case in Stephens County that was dismissed because the district attorney said all three had inconsistencies in the testimonies they gave in court.

Chief Bob Hill, Officer Johnson and Officer Richards recently testified against two accused drug dealers they arrested, but their stories never matched up in court, so the D.A. and the judge threw the case out.

After further review, it was determined an audio tape submitted by the officers as evidence had been tampered with. There's also proof that some of the narcotics taken into evidence by Officer Richards are now missing.

"I want to ensure the citizens of Marlow that their safety and concerns and needs within the community needing law enforcement protection is there, and I want to ensure them that we're still covering that base during this investigative inquiry," said Marlow City Administrator Janice Cain.

The city said it plans to hire an outside agency to come in and investigate the overall operations at the Marlow Police Department

Cain said an acting chief has been appointed to oversee the department, while she searches for an interim chief. 

The Marlow chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police voted no confidence in the administration of the Marlow Police Department Tuesday evening. The group announced that they do not agree with certain administrative decisions which have been made.