By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY - A new school is the first of its kind in the metro. It opened in July to serve low-income and needy families, and the school is already a hit with parents.

Just by looking at the playground of Oklahoma City Educare during recess it is can be seen that it is a school like no other.

"It's considered a natural playground, so we don't have big climbing apparatuses," Paula Gates, Director of Oklahoma City Educare said. "We have rocks and we have hills and we have slides built into hills so there is a safety fall zone on either side."

Even the inside is unique.

"We have integrated art throughout the building so it's touchable," Gates said. "We have classrooms with observation rooms so we can use that with education. Students, we can use it with counselors, we can use it with staff to support teachers in the classroom."

The children who enroll at Oklahoma City Educare qualify for early head start and regular head start. Parents only have to pay for before or after school care.

The children range in ages from newborns up to 4-year-olds. Research shows their minds are like sponges at these ages trying to take in as much information as possible.

"We want to capture that time with these children, and give them experiences and environments that excited them," Gates said.

Jessica David's 3-year-old-son is a student at Educare.

"After having him in various childcare facilities, this one was just a blessing and they have the curriculum and the teachers here are required to have an education which is different than any other daycare; that was a big factor," David said.

She was lucky to even get her son enrolled. The school has enough space for about 200 kids and right now there's a waiting list to get in.

"I'm going to leave him here until they kick him out, but I recommend this program to anyone who listens," David said.

The school is still encouraging parents to enroll their kids. The neediest families get priority, but the list moves fast.